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QL Archiving in Europe

Thursday 23 April 2009
University of Bremen

Qualitative Longitudinal Research and Qualitative Resources in Europe - Mapping the Field and Exploring Strategies for Development

This one-day international workshop brought together researchers and archivists with an interest in the re-use of qualitative data, and in the development of qualitative longitudinal research and data resources across Europe.

The workshop was organised as a collaborative venture between the UK Data Archive, the Timescapes Qualitative Longitudinal Study and Archive, and the Bremen Life Course Archive, with support from the Council for European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). Fourteen countries were represented at the event.

As a result of the workshop we have set up a network known as EQUALAN – the European Qualitative and QL Archiving Network. Through the network we are taking forward key initiatives around qualitative data sharing. We have published the state of the art country reports, including inventories of qualitative longitudinal resources, in two special issues of IQ the IASSIST journal (2010) (eds. Bishop and Neale). Currently we are developing bids for funding to build capacity in QL and qualitative archiving across Europe, via specialist workshops, training activities, and exchange programmes.

The country reports from the workshop have been published in two special issues of the IQ IASSIST Journal (2010, eds. Bishop and Neale)

Bremen Workshop: conference session summaries