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Publications and Outputs

Timescapes Archive Methods Guide Series 2021

  1. Lewis, C., Buffel, T., May, V. and Webber, R. Researching Ageing in Place over Time: A guide to using Secondary Data Analysis

Resources for Qualitative Longitudinal Evaluation and Impact Research

Timescapes Overview Documents

Timescapes Working Paper Series

Briefing Papers - (2011)

Timescapes Methods Guide Series - (2012)

  1. Neale, B. (2012) Qualitative Longitudinal Research: An Introduction to the Timescapes Methods Guides Series
  2. Emmel, N. (2012) Sampling in QL Research
  3. Patrick, R. (2012) Recruiting and Sustaining Sample Populations Over Time: Possibilities and Challenges
  4. Henwood, K. and Shirani, F. (2012) Extending Temporal Horizons
  5. Hanna, E. and Lau-Clayton C. (2012) Capturing Past and Future Time in Qualitative Longitudinal Field Enquiry: Timelines and Relational Maps
  6. Henderson, S., Holland, J. et al. (2012) Using Case Histories in Qualitative Longitudinal Research
  7. Bytheway, B. (2012) The Use of Diaries in Qualitative Longitudinal Research
  8. MacLean, A. and Harden, J. (2012) Generating Group Accounts with Parents and Children in Qualitative Longitudinal Research: A Practical and Ethical Guide
  9. Emmel, N. and Hughes, K. (2012) Analysing Time: Times and Timing in the Lives of Low Income Grandparents
  10. Henwood, K. and Coltart, C. (2012) Researching Lives Through Time: Analytics, Narratives & the Psychosocial
  11. Neale, B. and Hanna, E. (2012) The Ethics of Researching Lives Qualitatively Through Time
  12. Bornat, J. (2012) Oral History and Qualitative Research
  13. Thomson, R. (2012) QL Methods as a Route into the Psycho-Social
  14. Clark, J. and Fox, T. (2012) Conducting Evaluation Research Using QL and QNL Methods
  15. Macmillan, R. et al. (2012) ‘What Happens Next?’ Researching the Third Sector Using Qualitative Longitudinal Methods
  16. Bishop, L. and Neale, B. (2012) Introduction to the Timescapes Archive
  17. Bishop, L. and Neale, B. (2012) Data Management Planning in QL Research - an updated version of this document is available: Neale, B. and Hughes, K. (2020) Data Management Planning: A Practical Guide for Qualitative Longitudinal Researchers
  18. Neale, B. and Bishop, L. (2012) The Ethics of Archiving and Re-Using Qualitative Longitudinal Data: A Stakeholder Approach
  19. Irwin, S. and Winterton, M. (2012) Qualitative Secondary Analysis: A Practical Guide
  20. Neale, B. and Morton, S. (2012) Creating Impact Through QL Research