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Who can use the archive?

The Timescapes Archive is available without charge for the use of professional researchers who are affiliated to research-active institutions (whether academic or non academic) in the UK or internationally.

Using Data Ethically

The sharing and re-use of Qualitative Longitudinal data is a relatively new field of research practice, giving rise to a range of ethical considerations. Such data may present higher risks of disclosing identities because of the wealth of data gathered over time.

Resources for thinking about ethical re-use are available here.

Access the Archive

For information about the Timescapes Data Archive or to apply to access data in the Timescapes Data Archive, please contact Dr Kahryn Hughes

Access the Timescapes Archive

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Our Partners

  • ESDS Qualidata: a collection of multimedia qualitative data sources, managed by the Economic and Social Data Service (now part of the UK Data Service).
  • Joint Information Systems Committee [JISC]: provides support for innovative use of ICT to support research and education.
  • Leeds University Library: hosts the Timescapes archive.
  • UK Data Archive: internationally-renowned centre of expertise in data acquisition, preservation, dissemination and promotion; the curator of the largest collection of digital data in the social sciences and humanities in the UK.

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