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Secondary Analysis Workshops

Monday 28 March - Tuesday 5 April, 2011

Timescapes Secondary Analysis Workshop: Doing secondary analysis of qualitative data

Timescapes ran three secondary analysis workshops between March and April 2011.

The workshops were run in Edinburgh, Leeds and London, and were designed to offer training in the method and practice of secondary analysis of qualitative data. The new ESRC Timescapes Data Archive was used as a platform for the workshops.

The workshops offered the following ...

  • a combination of presentations that demonstrated the Timescapes Data Archive and discussed our strategies for undertaking Secondary Analysis of qualitative data.
  • a choice of linked practical sessions. Participants were able to gain direct experience of using the Timescapes Data Archive through a bespoke IT workshop, and participated in other practical sessions centring on issues of method and analysis in the re-use of qualitative and qualitative longitudinal data.

Download the full programme