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Timescapes Secondary Analysis Project

The Secondary Analysis Project was designed to explore the scope for working within, and across, the data sets produced by the seven Timescapes projects, and to develop linked methodological, as well as substantive, insights. We also undertook to explore possibilities for building links with other extant, quantitative, data sets.  The Timescapes primary research projects were independently conceived, designed and run by different research teams, although they had a range of overlapping interests, both substantive and methodological.

Working across these data sets, the Secondary Analysis Project ran through the final two years of Timescapes funding. It was managed and run by Sarah Irwin. Mandy Winterton, the project Research Fellow, was in post from April 2010 to Sept 2011. Outputs include peer reviewed journal articles, and four Timescapes Working Papers based on the work (please see links below). The project also made a core contribution to the Timescapes Secondary Analysis Training and Capacity Building programme run, through a series of workshops, in 2011 (for details see below).

Secondary Project Aims

  • To undertake secondary analysis within, and across, Timescapes primary project data sets.
  • To develop methodological insights in working across qualitative data sets; to develop effective. strategies for working longitudinally and to explore the scope for extending the analytic reach of qualitative evidence.
  • To explore possibilities for building links with large quantitative data sets.
  • To generate resources to aid others undertaking secondary analysis of qualitative data, through running a programme of secondary analysis training workshops (in conjunction with the Secondary Analysis strand and Archive projects), and through presentations, working papers and peer reviewed publications.

Secondary Analysis Publications, Papers and Presentations