Invitation for Contributions to the Timescapes Archive Blog series

The Timescapes Archive Blog series is open to all researchers working with qualitative data and with archives.

We are part of a rapidly changing digital data landscape shaped by a vast international network of research data repositories and infrastructures. These offer hitherto unparalleled opportunities for research data reuse, methodological innovation, and new modes of research engagement, facilitated by rapid technological innovation. While there has been considerable investment in understanding the research needs for the storage and reuse of quantitative research data, there is necessity for more clarity around similar needs relating to qualitative research data.

This blog provides a unique conversational forum for people who use qualitative data archives as well as for those building them to explain, or explore, the complexities of their work and what the key challenges are as they have experienced them. We therefore invite proposals for guest blogs of 700-1000 words from all those at any career stage on their work in the areas of (and this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Qualitative Longitudinal methods,
  • Reusing qualitative data
  • Using archives
  • Developing archive-ready datasets
  • Depositing in archives
  • Building archives
  • Archives as representative communities
  • Developing archive software,
  • The complexities of ingesting data,
  • Questions of metadata
  • All things qualitative data

We invite contributions from people at all career stages and at all levels of expertise in their field. Please send your submissions to: Dr Kahryn Hughes, or to the Blog Series Editors: Claudia Coveney:; Maria Mansfield:Ā  and Karen