Training Courses and Events for the National Centre for Research Methods

As a new Senior Fellow of the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) Dr Kahryn Hughes will be commissioning cutting edge training in qualitative research methods, particularly Qualitative Secondary Analysis and Qualitative Longitudinal research methods for all UK social scientists for the next five years.

Ongoing dates and details of this training will appear below.

The NCRM was established by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in 2004. In January 2020 NCRM entered a new phase with an ESRC award for 5 years. The new phase focuses on delivering a comprehensive programme of cutting-edge research methods training across the UK. This phase is still delivered by the Universities of Southampton, Manchester and Edinburgh but this partnership is significantly enhanced and expanded to include strategically selected Centre partner institutions who will deliver training locally to ensure geographical and subject expertise diversity. The nine institutions are UCL, NatCen, WISERD, Bristol, Exeter, Essex, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.

For further information on all the NCRM courses, please visit their Training & Events database.


The Methods Matter Podcast – from Dementia Researcher & the National Centre for Research Methods. A podcast for people who don’t know much about methods…those who do, and those who just want to find news and clever ways to use them in their research.

These podcasts bring together leading experts in research methodology, and dementia researchers that use them, to provide a fun introduction to five qualitative research methods in a safe space where there are no such things as dumb questions!

In three episodes of the first series, Dr Kahryn Hughes is interviewed as the methods expert by PhD Student Leah Fullegar from the University of Southampton, on Qualitative Interviews, Qualitative Longitudinal and Qualitative Secondary Analysis. You’ll find them here:

Wednesday 23 – Thursday 24 June, 2021: Making a Difference with Qualitative Longitudinal Research: Fluid Enquiry, Complex Causality, Policy Processes

Professor Bren Neale

Thursday 13 – Thursday 20 May, 2021: Working with time, intersubjectivity, and the vernacular imaginary: perspectives and practices from history and sociology

Professor Jon Lawrence and Dr Dawn Lyon

Monday 10 – Wednesday 12 May, 2021: Getting personal with existing qualitative data: the fundamentals of data re-use and qualitative secondary analysis

Dr Anna Tarrant and Dr Kahryn Hughes

1st-3rd December 2020: Working with large amounts of secondary or primary qualitative data: Breadth-and-Depth Method

Dr. Emma Davidson, Dr. Susie Weller, Professor Lynn Jamieson and Professor Rosalind Edwards

If you have any queries about these events, please contact Dr Kahryn Hughes,