Timescapes Affiliation Scheme

From early in its development, the Archive was designed to expand its holdings through the curation of datasets from a wider range of QL projects. The aim was to strategically build collections of thematically related QL datasets, thereby enriching the inter-disciplinary scope of the resource, and creating the potential for new forms of analysis and knowledge production. The mechanism for this was our affiliation scheme for externally funded projects and studentships.

The scheme has been an effective mechanism to work with projects at the planning and development stages, building QL methods and data management planning effectively into research design and development. Over the course of the five years, we have supported the commissioning, design and development of over 50 QL projects and studentships, and acted as a magnet for the development of many more. These projects span the social sciences and include support for researchers in new disciplinary fields of enquiry (e.g. third sector research and STEM subjects such as transport, energy and sustainability). A list of affiliated projects and studentships is given below.

The affiliation scheme has enabled us to build capacity in QL methods and encourage the deposit and sharing of QL datasets. Data from a Department of Health funded study on the Dynamics of Choice and Care in long term illness has been deposited, and are available for re-use. Two further affiliated projects (funded by the Scottish Government and the EPSRC) are scheduled to deposit data over the forthcoming year. It is worth noting that we have been able to archive public sector, non ESRC funded studies that are not subject to Research Council archiving requirements, and to persuade the funders of these projects of the value of archiving and data re-use.

Affiliated projects

Midlife Transitions: The Menopause 
Dr Teresa M Cairns | University of Surrey
Secondary Analysis of data on later life transitions, drawing on data from Mass Observation and Timecapes
British Academy Small Award Oct 2009- September 2010, Feminist Review Trust Award 2009- 2010

Gendered Generations: Work, Care and Consumption
Andrea Doucet, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology | Carleton University, Ottowa, Canada
QL study of intergenerational transmission in 25 four-generation families
SSHRCC (Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada) 2009-2012

New World – Old Gender? Growing up in a Gender Equality Era
Professor Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen | University of Oslo, Norway
QL study of gender norms, practices and inclusion/marginalisation among young people in Norway
Norwegian Research Council 2007-2010

Times of our Lives – Disabled People through the Lifecourse
Dr. Sonali Shah and Professor Mark Priestly | University of Leeds
Policy related study of three generations of disabled people growing up in the 1940s, 1960s and 1980s
Nuffield Foundation 2007-2009

ELICIT: Exploring life style changes in Transition 
Sue Venn | University of Surrey
QL study of environmental sustainability practices in relation to changes in the life course

Life Patterns: A Longitudinal Research Programme
Professor Johanna Wyn | The University of Melbourne, Australia
QL and QNL panel study of two cohorts of young people’s transitions across different life domains. Funding continues until 2014, when cohort 1 will be aged 40 and cohort 2 will be aged 26.
Funded throughout by the Australian Research Council (ARC)

Towards a Sustainable Urban Environment: Integration Across Scales
Dr Miles Tight, Professor Mike Savage | The University of Leeds/CRESC ESRC Research Centre, (Manchester and Open University)
Five year QL panel study of dynamics of transport practices in relation to life events
EPSRC (2010- 2015)

Charting the Work of Home Start: Capturing the Life Journeys of Families and their Home Start Volunteers using Oral Historical Methods
Zoe Munby Director of Learning and Quality | Home Start UK. Registered charity 1108837
Oral history study of sustained work of Home start volunteers in families with complex needs, generating new measures for gauging effectiveness of third sector provision
Core funding from Home Start

The Changing landscapes of Third Sector Organisations in Scotland
Stephen Osborne | Edinburgh Napier
QL study of varied sample of third sector organisations in the wake of new government concordat
Funded  by Scottish Government

Choice and Change: Extending Choice and control over the life course
Caroline Glendinning | University of York
QL panel study on choice and change in families with life threatening or limiting illness
Department of Health

Youth Transitions and Changing Parent – Youth Relations in the Early Teenage Years.  
Harriet Churchill | University of Sheffield
Secondary Analysis of data on growing older and changing family relationships.
Funded: Sheffield University

Affiliated Studentships

Carmen Lau  PhD |  University of Leeds
(Neale and Law) New Generations: Chinese Childhoods
(October 2006 – 2010) Doctorate awarded 2010

Serena  Rapisarda  PhD |  University of Leeds
(Neale and Irwin) Single Voices: A Comparative Study of Single Young People in Naples and Yorkshire (October 2007 – )

Ruth Patrick PhD | University of Leeds
(Ellison, Neale and Prideaux) The lived Experience of Welfare Reform

Laura Davies PhD | University of Leeds
(Neale and Mann) Earning and Caring in Families that have Experienced Divorce: a longitudinal study of family law, social policy and family practice

Catherine Powell PhD | Timescapes Studentship University of Leeds
(Neale and Williams) Intergenerational Relationships and Support: A Longitudinal study of four-generation families (2009-2012)

Nancy West PhD | Cardiff University
(Henwood and S. Holland) Becoming a Parent: Negotiating the Practices of Parenthood

Steven Leverett (EdD) |Cardiff University  Working with Men: The Antenatal Teachers’ Perspective
Henwood and Iveson

Stuart Capstick PhD | Cardiff University Climate Change Discourse: A Longitudinal Study
Pidgeon and Henwood